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2014 - it's time to think bigger grander and more passionate about on-line avenues of business! Are you missing out on the competitive advantages that other businesses have? 

NZ Christmas Sales
Domestic on-line sales were up 7% double last years on-line sales while offshore sales were up 24%.  I suspect this is due to many Kiwi businesses still not having an on-line presence.  Meanwhile your competitors are building a relationship with your potential clients, enough said!

Time = $
Think of Jed in the storeroom preparing stock for the shelves - wouldn't it be easier to repack and post out the order direct to your customer.  You have just saved staff time selling the item, store space, increased cashflow, helped targets and satisfied another client that may not have walked in your store. This is part of Customer Relationship Management...

Customer Relationship Management
In a nutshell the first step is to create, assign and manage requests made by customers - like Jed would do with an on-line order.  Every step on your sale should be to provide one-to-one solutions to customers’ requirements.  If they want to order on-line then allow that option. By managing and improving sales via the internet you are building on the process of CRM read more...  

On-line Payment Security 
This is still an obstacle for some purchasers and these people may never change, you cant conquer the universe but you may as well try to.  Payment services have such robust systems maybe build an information area into your website on the security systems you have in place for sales. Read what PayGate is offering its clients.

Sales - Targets - GP
Driving your team with specific goals and finding that balance is tricky but achievable.Some businesses have unrealistic targets, some employees strive for these and some fall a little below target to keep the pressure off next years forecast.  Make it manageable, train all staff to approach 'inbound marketing' for 2014 it is sure to improve targets.  What is 'inbound marketing'? It's another area we at Web Angels specialise in 'and we want to help you to become proficient at this - collaboration is our goal what's yours?

Published by Reni Gargiulo for Web Angels
Mobile Internet - can you see what I see?
Is your website reaching customers via their phones, tablets, PCs or TVs?  If not it is time to put website redesign high on your list of business investments. Websites need to be device friendly, from tiny phones to huge living room flat-screens and soon people will be able to reach your website via refrigerator doors, bathroom mirrors, glass and more. 


In a nutshell Adaptive design is by far the most effective way to deliver the best possible user experience to the widest audience!  It does this by responding and adapting to different sized screens, with changes made on the server side rather than the client side.  


Responsive design is an affordable solution that allows websites to auto adjust to mobile devices for an optical viewing experience  All new websites should at the very least be built with a responsive design approach. 
So we have your SEO optimised, clients are being driven to your site and now they are able to view it on their device.

Janine Warner tells more... 


Webrooming vs. Showrooming
Who would have thought holiday time is about spending quality time with your mobile device!  Globally e-commerce is taking over and stores without an on-line presence could struggle.  People are not only buying on-line from your competition they are also searching to see what is available in your store - it saves time for the shopper, so get smart and offer your customers what they are wanting - e-commerce!  

Happy surfing!

Published by Reni Gargiulo for Web Angels

$5.6 billion coming into your store or business over the next 12 months, is that possible? A Roy Morgan survey conducted estimated the New Zealand on-line shopping market at $5.6 billion and its increasing.

Statistics show the on-line trend will continue to increase due to lower prices on-line, convenience of shopping from home, more comprehensive product range, easier to locate product, shop when physical stores are closed and choice.  

Sounds simple and it is if you have mastered what makes a customer ‘click’.  Lets elaborate... a little bit of e-pressure on your marketing team or company wont go a miss.  Previous blogs have discussed SEO, on-line marketing, the importance of social media etc you have the tools so grab your percentage of this trade and go strong in business.

Five tips to help them click!

Drive your brand and integrate visual content, in the on-line world every articulation of your brand sends a message. Too much however is tiresome - flashing scrolling lights are for nightclubs only!  Nike do it right read more...

Auto sound - is about as much fun as half a dozen pop ups and can drive your audience nuts. Unless your a music store there is no need for it, check your Google analytic's your audience statistics could say different if in doubt delete it out.

Upload times - a click and that's it, any longer and you may loose a client. We use a 3 second rule when navigating around a website how does your's rank?

Navigation - your job is to let clients find what they need easily.  People shop and search on-line to save time and the last thing they want to do is be driven an extra few gig or pages for a result.  Consider a site review - yearly.

ENews / Blogs - If you have one I cant emphasise more strongly the importance of these being up to date. How do you feel when you look at a site or social media page and it was last updated in 2001 or even 2011! Enews and blogs give a business life and you'll find your click rates increase when these are maintained frequently.

So what makes your customer 'click' its up to you to find out! If you still cant work it out then the only choice left is Web Angels - click on Web Angels and we will help your business grow!

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Team NZ
Ask yourself 'What does Team NZ have in common with on-line branding' and the answer is strategic planning!
From design, training, professional expertise, marketing and transparency through to delivering a quantum outcome - this is what you should expect from your on-line branding.

Here are some tips for your team!

Latent semantic indexing - are words that compliment what your trying to say, when using
keywords it is advisable to use LSI. Why? Google is much cleverer than it used to be and now ranks keywords higher with additional LSI.  Here is an example - if you’re talking about houses search engines want to see related terms like design, style, company brand, builders etc and the more semantic words found the more Google likes you.  This in turn helps your search ranking 
Christina Walker tells more....
Website content
LSI should be used amongst your quality content which can ensure you land at or near the top of SERP's (search engine results page).  I recently looked at a website that has huge amounts of content and the website ranked high in SERP's but I bet it suffers a high bounce rate because there is too much content.  So there is a fine line to keeping people on your site and ranking high. Concise, interesting real-time information is important to engage your reader.
Authorship is also becoming important for search marketing success, Google has announced a new in-depth section of SERPs and listed authorship mark-up as a factor in rankings.  Face to a name and transparency are now significant factors in content creation.  But just when you think you have hit the jackpot another theory impacts SERP's, SEO and LSI and this month it is Google +1's,
Cyrus Shepard explains...

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BUSINESS TODAY is moving at a fast pace, its either keep up or move on. No longer does retail space dominate the business world.On-line marketing, global enquiries, skype, webinars and the like are all part of doing business and maintaining your business.  So why wouldn't you nurture your on-line relationship with clients?  Here are 5 tips for on-line relationships...
1.  Personal
Keep up with people in business, show an interest and acknowledge their new product or tweet.  Watch Govt regulations or systems that may change this relationship. Spend time getting to know the person or company and share interesting websites or other on-line information that maybe useful. 
2.  Respect
Know the difference between networking via Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter - which is part and parcel of building your relationship.  Your LinkedIn contact may not necessarily want to be an active participant on Facebook so respect privacy and carefully manoeuvre into other on-line activities. 
3. Trust
Provide the result you say your are going to - people love to be given more, go that extra mile or megabite. No-one likes a spammer for you to have an on-line relationship you also need to show people your not the on-line proverbial pain that constantly emails.
4. Maintenance
Like most things in life your relationships require ongoing maintenance and this is very easily achieved on-line. Invite clients to a blog for group discussion - this can be done in their own time and is transparent.
5. Cultural beliefs & behaviour
In many cultures the strength of your relationship is more important than any contract and a 'dinner out' does not cut the grain any more. The Middle East, Asia and India are becoming huge business partners world wide - do you have what it takes to maintain a business relationship with these countries? 

When building relationships pay attention to key people at all levels of an organisation, not just the top - its amazing how much a virtual receptionist can undo all your hard work!

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Facebook is about to launch a new homepage
Goodbye Clutter, hello bright, beautiful stories. See the same clean look wherever you use Facebook — on mobile, tablet and web. It is so new that Facebook are offering you to 'give it a try' and it's looking pretty snazy!

Mobile to overtake fixed Internet access by 2014” 
A bold prediction from 2008 by Mary Meeker, an analyst at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers.  Yes mobile usage is increasing steadily.  Apps, Websites, Enews and the like all need to be mobile friendly now - contact us today if you believe you need an upgrade!

Scam Flags!
Once or twice in your internet lifetime you WILL be scammed so be prepared!  You can bend over backwards to protect yourself but it basically comes down to 'go with your gut feeling' before opening an email, following an odd link or replying to the "you have won $10 million".  Matt Petronzio has some great tips on Identifying the Latest Scams!

Social Domination
When browsing the net, entering a competition or buying on-line I bet your frequently asked to login with Facebook - do you want to resist or login anyway because it is easy?
Check out this article Google + Closes in on Facebook in the Race for Social Login Domination and why they are competing.

Real Time Marketing Tools that Win!
Keeping you up with the play - we all wish to be successful on-line and there's more to it than attracting lots of customers, it’s also about engaging and retaining them, effective 'real time' on-line marketing is vital. Web Angels not only take care of the big picture but we also get right down to the nuts and bolts.

Published by Reni Gargiulo for Web Angels

Is your website generating the leads you want?

Think of SEO as an on-line directory that's hidden in the background.  
If you have ever tried to contact a service provider or other professional and don't have their correct business details, you  would find them difficult to find. 
SEO works the same way for clients searching your business on-line. When done properly SEO is one of the most crucial factors in having a successful on-line business!  Here is some useful information..............

Google Starter Guide is definitely worth taking a look at if your slightly experienced or wanting to learn more about SEO.
Take a SEO tutorial with David Murray. 

Check out the Do's and Don't's   of link building.  There are many ways to link, think relationships and accountability.

How long has it been since you’ve reviewed your Facebook Page?  Are you taking advantage of the latest Facebook features?

It’s critical that Facebook
Page managers take time to regularly audit their Page and
ensure that they are not missing out on new features.

Profile your Profile
Being the first thing that users see when browsing  through posts in news feeds means its essential that your logo is there - company branding, marketing and visual reinforcement all help towards increasing your business awareness!  Keep the photos of Bob the budgy etc for your personal page profile unless Bob is your brand!  Your logo can help reinforce company branding.

Maximize Your Page Cover Image

Check out the new relaxed facebook guidelines! 
Cover images now allow Pages a powerful new opportunity to communicate key pieces of information to visitors. Make sure to take advantage of this change. The maximum 20% text rule also applies to any photo in a Facebook ad as well, so keep that in mind with your next ad campaign. Heres an example of a cover page image that is using smart techniques.

Make the most of your Tabs 
Apps can be very useful for competitions, sales, marketing events and even managing your content.  Install the Pages Manager app this helps admins connect with their audience and keep up with activity on multiple Pages while on the go.
Create a company Email app this will allow your
visitors to sign up for an ENews

Start Pinning
One of the smartest features of timeline for brands is the ability to pin posts to the page.
The feature is so helpful that it might seem like a no-brainer to decide what to pin. But the
catch is, you can only pin one thing at a time.
This is a great way to promote the latest sale or promotion, a competition winner almost anything that is new to your business, pinning allows your post to go to the top of the page and remain there until you unpin it

Dont Be Shy To Ask
Do you have a Facebook competition you want to run or an event you would like to promote and monitor tickets sales for?  Send us any questions you may have and we will endevour to assist you.

For more key information on how to best
use your Facebook page click here
In previous posts we have talked about the importance of social media in driving traffic to your website and blogs. This integrated approach to marketing makes sense, and makes the most of your time and energy.

But what if the whole Facebook, Twitter, social media scene fills you with dread? In your head you know it's good for business, however the actual process of setting yourself up in these forums can seem daunting.

Fear not! Help is at hand, it is surprisingly easy to get underway and once its done it is very rewarding!

First things first. To start a business page click on one of the following and load your business name, username and vital information.


Next start a blog. Blogging is king and enhances your online presence. These blogs can provide the detailed information about your business that you wouldn't ordinarily post on Facebook. A link can be created to the blog from your Facebook page.
The link below gives great info on blogging options.


Now you have your business page set up, use it!!
Search through Twitter and Facebook for people, organisations and groups who share similar interests, products or information to you.

Share content. Content could be any of the following:
Your own blog posts
Customer testimonial
Links to other interesting blog posts (provide
and proper source credit)
Live and recorded webinars
Product and service updates
Videos (YouTube is a great place to start)
Industry articles

Believe you are adding value to your day, on and off social media, business success is driven by influencing an audience.

Adjust to Succeed!
Consistency matters on social media. That means post regularly, anything that can humanise your company is helpful and don't expect instant results. It takes time and commitment to build up an audience.

A good rule of thumb is to respond to at least one social action a day. If on Facebook "like" someone else's comment or page and get in the habit of liking all comments made on your Facebook page.

Most social media sites also have inbuilt measurement tools. Facebook has "Insights". Located in the admin panel you can see how your
posts perform, you will be pleasantly suprised.  This ultimately helps you tailor the page to suit your target market. 

Be flexible with your social media. Some posts will fly, some will fall flat. Don't give up, keep at it and watch your audience grow. 

Last but not least
Create a social media calendar and think of it as 'Relationship Building'! 
There are many ways this can be achieved here are a couple of examples.

(10 and 60 minutes)
Respond to comments  
Update posts
Comment on new web sites relevant to your niche
Try BufferApp to schedule your social media content in advance.

Guest post writing and pitching. When done right, traffic increases in a powerful step-function, and when done regularly, guest posting is one of the best techniques for getting more and more
qualified readers.
Back up your posts!
Look into your Twitter (or other social media) metrics.

Brand and Niche Monitoring
Check out competitors, niche ideas, and mentions of your brand, and products.
Always try to respond when someone mentions you! Think 'Relationships'.

In depth analytics and comparisons.
Look at what has performed best and optimize  activities to reflect what is working. 

Failing to use analytics and tracking tools is like trying to build a house without wood and nails.

Well the crazy season is over and things are starting to quieten down and even out as we head into Autumn.

While it can be nice to slow down and reflect on the busy season, why not take the time over Autumn and Winter to really  look objectively at your business, in particular your website.

Unless you regularly update your site, chances are as your business has evolved with the addition of staff, operational changes etc.. the website has become outdated and doesn't display your business in the best possible light.

Another thing to remember about websites is they have moved from just a tool for information, into a powerful prospecting tool and a tool to gain more business. It's not enough just to have a site and hope that someone will happen across it.

Your website can only attract business, if it attracts visitors. The best way to attract visitors is through search engine optimisation, the use of social media and regular blogging. All these activities enhance your sites visibility.

Online Marketing Lingo Cheat Sheet
A great exercise for this week is to visit your site and search it just as a customer might.
As you do this ask yourself the following questions.

1. Is the site easy to find. How did it fare when you Google searched for your business?

2. Is it easy for those that aren't tech savvy to navigate their way around the site?

3. Are all your links and pop up windows working properly?

4. Is the website tidy, complete and provide some worthwhile information about your business and what it can offer?

If you find your site lacking it may be time for some TLC.

So let's start at the beginning. Some of the lingo used when promoting your business online can be confusing. Click on the picture for a cheat sheet to help guide you through the lingo.

Here is an interesting easy to understand guide to social media, Twitter, Facebook and blogging.
Click to set custom HTML