Youtube is not only part of Google, it is the 3rd most visited website after Google and Facebook. Over 3 billion videos are viewed every day on Youtube on any kind of topic which makes it a powerful platform for advertising your business.
There is no business that would not be able to use a video platform with videos about itself, its services / products etc. Tutorials are especially popular.
Videos on Youtube cannot only get a lot of attention, but create an interest in your company. If set up correctly the channel can direct visitors to your website and ultimately lead to conversions!
You can log in to your Youtube profile with your Google Login, i.e. gmail. Uploading a video is easy. You can edit it beforehand with a tool such as Windows Live Movie Maker on your computer or upload it in a raw file and edit it online with one of these video editing tools. Youtube also offers a free online editing tool: and you could add captions and effects.
The following are some links that will be useful for your channel setup and video optimisation!

Youtube Channel setup with the new design [Video]
Tutorial, f you are still used to the old design or not familiar with Youtube at all.

Tips to convert video viewers into customers
9 Tips for Increasing Video Conversions.

Use Video to drive traffic to your website [Video]
How to drive traffic to your website with a Youtube video.

Youtube optimisation
Youtube Video Creator Playbook [Ebook]
Download the Playbook for DETAILED tips on Youtube Optimisation.

Youtube Test Tube [Tools]
Some fun tools for your videos such as a Caption Editor.

Make money with Youtube
Become a Youtube partner if you are offering high quality / interesting videos.

Create Youtube Playlists
Playlist curate content and leverage your video catalog



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For promoting business through video is a great concept and for that YouTube is best.

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I am enjoying reading your article. It grabbed my interest and I could read it over over again. I really like this content. Thank you.


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