A business’s online reputation is more important than anything else! You can spend dollars on different advertising, web site design, search engine optimisation and social media marketing; but none of it matters if you have bad reviews online. All those marketing dollars spent on advertising will be wasted if you have bad reviews and ratings. And really, you are only one customer away from a bad online reputation.

Why should bad online ratings and reviews matter?
Because current market research shows:

- Before a prospect rings you, they will google your business name.
- That google search results page will show your online reputation (Google+, twitter, facebook)
- 80% of your potential customer will not even consider you if there are bad reviews.
- Plus, these customer will look star reviews before they will consider exploring you further.

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Youtube is not only part of Google, it is the 3rd most visited website after Google and Facebook. Over 3 billion videos are viewed every day on Youtube on any kind of topic which makes it a powerful platform for advertising your business.
There is no business that would not be able to use a video platform with videos about itself, its services / products etc. Tutorials are especially popular.
Videos on Youtube cannot only get a lot of attention, but create an interest in your company. If set up correctly the channel can direct visitors to your website and ultimately lead to conversions!
You can log in to your Youtube profile with your Google Login, i.e. gmail. Uploading a video is easy. You can edit it beforehand with a tool such as Windows Live Movie Maker on your computer or upload it in a raw file and edit it online with one of these video editing tools. Youtube also offers a free online editing tool: and you could add captions and effects.
_Your website should not only look appealing, but create a conversion. A conversion can be very different depending on the business. Most of the time you want people to call, visit, book or buy.
It is important to optimise your website according to the conversion you desire. Think about your conversion and find out how to improve your website for an increase of return on investment!

_Call: Display your phone number in an obvious position, usually on the top right of EVERY page. You can increase your conversion rate (conversions per visitors) by adding a picture of a smiling woman with your phone number. Tests have shown that a friendly face can make all the difference.
Visit: Integrate a map to your website, as well as directions to your location. You need to be easy to find even for non-locals.
Book: Include a “Book Now” button to relevant pages. It is best to integrate a calendar with available appointment times, so the customer only has to choose a date and time. The booking process needs to be easy (not too many steps) and trustworthy. A booking does not have to have a payment right away but it can.
Pay: Integrate a payment process. Make sure that this process has a SSL certificate (https instead of http at the beginning the URL) in order to protect the clients’ information.
The booking process should not be frustrating. Let customers know beforehand how they can pay and if they can jump back to previous steps to change the amount etc. Let them know if they only have a limited time to finish the booking.

You should know exactly what your preferred conversion is and try to optimise your website for it. Make it obvious to the visitor what you want. Tell him (several times).
The customer needs to trust you (your website) first and once you have his trust, he is going to search for the conversion. Don’t make it too hard for him.

_You website should not only look pretty, but create a conversion. A conversion can be very different depending on the business. Most of the time you want people to call, visit, book or buy.